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Northern Tree Service offers a range of services including Stump Removal Adelaide. Having a tree removed is a job for the experts. Go straight to the top. You want your garden to look beautiful and to be safe. For the most efficient, affordable and professional service for all your tree gardening needs, work with the best in the business. For safe and efficient tree removal services cost call our experts on 08 8284 8333.

Professional Tree Removal Adelaide

Experience and expertise are the qualities you’ll find with tree removal Adelaide from Northern Tree Service. They have 30 plus years in the business where the owner provides the free quote and then arrives on site with his professional team using the latest equipment to complete the job to your absolute satisfaction. For safe and efficient stump removal Adelaide call our experts on 08 8284 8333..

The Importance of Tree Pruning

Pruning is beneficial for a tree in many ways. The most important one is safeguarding the life of the people around. When there are dead branches, they can fall any time endangering buildings and people.

When you remove the dangerous limbs, the tree becomes safe.

However, you must remember that Tree pruning can also be dangerous if it is not done well. Hence, it is better calling an expert pruner instead of doing it in-house.

An expert pruner not only has an in-depth knowledge of pruning but also bring the necessary tools and technology to do it safely.

How is pruning helpful for a tree? The blog talks about it.

It promotes growth of the tree

When it is done well, pruning a tree boosts the growth of the tree. You need to maintain the structural integrity of the tree so that it can reach new heights. It mitigates the risk of falling branches or broken limbs.

Before getting into the actual pruning, a professional pruner spends some time in analyzing the structure of the tree.

He marks the branches that are causing the improper distribution of weight and compromising the branch structure.

Once it is done, he prunes them to avoid the disaster in the tree’s life. Of course, it improves aesthetics as well.

Timing is important in pruning

Can the pruning be done anytime? No, it can’t. You need to find out the perfect time for it. An expert pruner knows it well.

When the limbs and branches are removed, the trees also come under stress. Therefore, it should be done when it is in a dormant state. It reduces the risk of fungal and insect attack as well.

Timing is especially required in certain species that are sensitive and delicate. Therefore, always call a certified pruner who knows the ins and outs of it.

Prune a little less than required

It is better to be miser than extravagant while you prune a tree. Experts say that the crown of a tree shouldn’t be pruned more than 25 percent. Since the majority of the leaves are there, the tree gets most of the energy from the crown.

If it is pruned excessively, then there is a risk of damaging the tree.


There are several advantages of pruning, but it is important to call an expert pruner. It is not a DIY stuff indeed!

If you are looking for experienced tree removal services, then Northern Tree is providing the best palm tree removal, tree pruning and stump removal   in the Adelaide or anywhere in the Adelaide Hills area. Give a call at 08 8819 0012 for a free estimate.

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